5 Superfast Ways To Dry Your Nail Polish In No Time!

Nail Technician

You’ve carefully applied two coats of your favorite nail polish without letting it get on your cuticles or spilling it. Great work! Now all that’s left is to wait for it to dry – without smudging it or spoiling the beautiful handiwork. But let’s face it, there are a tonne of things on your to-do list – emails to be written, texts and phone calls to be responded to, you may have to check on that #diynailed Insta picture to know if your friends have seen it yet. It’s not possible for you to ignore all of these while waiting for the beautiful lacquer to dry out. So we listed out our top tips to dry that fine work of art on your nails to dry faster.

Icy Cold Water

Fill a bowl with chilled water, and add some ice cubes to it. Blow on your nail after applying polish and dunk them into this bowl for at least 3-4 minutes. Heat (room-temp water) will prevent your nail polish from dring hence add as much ice as you can! You will notice droplets on the surface of your nails and that’s about it. Your job is done! Now go about ticking things off that list!

Thin & Even Layers

Apply just one thin and perfect coat of your favorite nail polish – this ensures that your polish dries faster and also gives it a more smooth finish. If you prefer having two layers instead of one for a darker, more pigmented shade, we suggest that you apply two thin yet even coats with a short break in between. This will save you time as the polish will dry faster before you’re ready for the second coat!

Hair-Dryer to the Rescue

Hair -dryers can do much more than just give your hair the perfect blow-dry! Yes, you can use the cool-shot mode and blow onto your freshly painted nails from about a few inches distance and bada-boom! You’ll have the perfect salon finish in no time.

Handy Hairspray

This is our favorite tip of them all! Use a little hairspray from a few inches away so the nail polish will set perfectly without letting the spray spoil the smooth finish. You can also use a cooking spray in a similar fashion and get perfectly dry polish in no time. Make sure to dab excess off with a dry paper towel once you’re done!

Invest in a Good Top-coat

Try a quick-dry top coat instead of your regular top-coat and also invest in quick drying drops for nail polish that are formulated with special resins to speed up dry time. Apply just a tiny drop to each nail after your top coat to get those Insta-worthy nails.

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