Can Gaining Professional Training Fast-track Your Esthetics Career?

Esthetician certification training

The beauty industry is growing by leaps and bounds and there are a plethora of opportunities in the industry if you have the knack for rejuvenation treatments, cosmetics, and makeup. The basics of pursuing a career in aesthetics are quite straight – you should have an eye for

detail and a willfulness to make people look good. But, being passionate about beauty treatments, products and cosmetics is never going to be enough to have a successful career in esthetics. What you really need to succeed is a professional training in beauty and aesthetics.

Choosing the right course can give you access to a deeper understanding of the world of beauty and cosmetics as your training will include learning about the different elements of beauty products and procedures. The training will equip you with a niche skill set and expert knowledge that will help you provide an unparalleled experience to your clientele.
Most importantly, the training will let you earn an Esthetician’s license with the help of which you can choose the right career path for yourself.

Once you’ve acquired your license, you can choose from any one of these 5 career paths apart from becoming a spa or salon Esthetician.

1. Medical Esthetician – As a Medical aesthetician, you can provide skin and spa related treatments to those who need it in a healthcare setup. Medical aestheticians usually work closely with doctors and can provide a range of services to their clientele.

2. Cosmetic Brand Representative – As a brand representative you can work for topnotch cosmetic brands and promote their products to spa and salon owners/ managers, rejuvenation centers and healthcare facilities providing aesthetic services.

3. Cosmetic Buyer – Being a cosmetic buyer can be an exciting job as it takes you places to attend conventions and product launches. The bulk of being a cosmetic buyer is to know the latest in cosmetics and to know what products will best sell off your shelves. You can work as a cosmetic buyer for a departmental store, salon, and spa or a health and wellness center.

4. Beauty Expert Adviser – As a beauty expert adviser you get to share your knowledge and exposure in the field of aesthetics in the best interest of your client. You act as a consultant to people in need of aesthetic improvements and help them find the best available treatments and procedures.

5. Beauty Educator or Trainer – Many people find it satisfying and rewarding to impart the knowledge they’ve received and a beauty educator does just that.

These are the numerous opportunities that licensed estheticians can opt for. However, attending a beauty and aesthetics school in order to acquire the license.

If you’re interested in learning esthetics, check out our program, and contact us for more info!

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