Waxing Do’s & Don’ts!

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Summer brings with it the bikini season and this marks the beginning of waxing-woes for many women! Now how you tend to your grooming is entirely your call but for those who opt for waxing as a means of hair-removal we have listed down some do’s and dont’s to keep your skin happy.

While waxing is one of the most effective hair removal techniques, it comes with its set of problems. Without proper care, waxing can cause complications that may include in-grown hair, acne, and rashes. One must perform pre-wax exfoliation and moisturizing regimes regularly at least a week before your salon appointment. Without proper care and precautions after waxing you could very well wind up with unnaturally reddened patchy skin. After waxing it’s important to let your skin recover for at least 24 hours.

Take a look at these before and after waxing tips to ensure a silky smooth waxing experience.

  • Shower at least two hours before your wax but not later than that. A bath opens up your pores and makes your skin vulnerable to infection.
  • If you’ve recently treated your skin for abrasions, cuts or allergies avoid waxing until your skin has recovered completely.
  • Do not wax if you’ve had a Botox treatment done to a part of your body, refrain from waxing the area for at least 72 hours.
  • It’s important that you get your doctor’s approval before making a wax appointment If you suffer from varicose veins, diabetes or any skin irritation.
  • Patch test your skin to see how receptive it is to waxing. This is essential especially if you have recently opted for waxing as a method of hair removal, if you are pregnant, on oral contraceptives or on an antibiotics course.
  • Application of generous amounts of powder will help in minimizing skin redness post-wax.
  • Waxing is literally uprooting hair, and that’s why you need to soothe your skin post the process. Do this by applying quality cooling aloe based gel (all natural!) or specific creams and lotions that help revitalize your skin post-wax and just watch your inflamed skin settle down peacefully.
  • If you got your eyebrows waxed then soothe the skin in and around that area by using tea bags that have been brewed and then cooled.
  • Avoid hitting the gym, spa and masseuse visits.
  • Trying to make your waxing appointments on the same date each month and before the 4 weeks deadline, making sure you exfoliate your skin using a soft brush between two visits.

If you experience extreme pain or scabbing even after taking these precautions, see your doctor immediately.



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