What is Tuition-Free Education?

Tuition-Free Career Training Programs

We often come across colleges and universities that offer “tuition-free”diplomas or degrees. One look and we think to ourselves – Oh! Free college!” and without fully understanding the meaning of tuition-free we assume its totally free! What we completely miss out on, is that these institutes offer free tuition but not a free diploma or degree. There are certain fees involved, without the additional burden of tuition fee. Before writing this article we decided to do a survey about how many people are aware of tuition-free education – and it shocked us that most of them took it to it’s face value and assumed it was completely free. Hence, we decided to put together this info for students out there who are looking at colleges and universities but don’t fully understand the tuition included and tuition-free concept.

So, what does it mean when a college or university say they are Tuition-free? Why does one still have to pay if the college is tuition-free? Tuition-free is a concept that allows students to avail affordable education because the tuition is free but college is not. You still have to pay for your supplies, examinations et al. A tuition-free college does not charge tuition, but is not free at the same time. They charge a minimal processing and examination fees to help keep their institution sustainable. A student is not charged for tuition, instruction or course material.

Like we mentioned earlier, Tuition-free colleges have nominal processing and examination fees which one can inquire about before-hand to know exactly how much a program is going to cost. As a college offering tuition-free diplomas and programs, their aim is to provide quality education more accessible for and bringing equality by providing educational opportunities to those otherwise unable to pursue higher or vocational education due to financial or other reasons.

Apart from regular degrees, vocational colleges offering diplomas have been the go-to option for many students looking for specialization and kickstarting a career as soon as they can. When the tuition-free model is applied to vocational education we can uncover huge potential and can help open new avenues for many students out there who have dreams of making it big but the heavy burden of student loans makes them reluctant to explore their options. There is financial aid available for those students who cannot afford the minimal examination fees. It is our belief that quality education does not have to come with a big fat price tag and that no one should be left behind due to financial constraints.

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