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Career Services

Welcome to Career and Employment Services at Commonwealth College

At Commonwealth College, our mission for the career service office is to focus on “career education” which teaches students how to manage and take responsibility for their career paths.

Our career services experts provide guidance and assistance that helps foster student confidence in their ability to seek out and pursue career opportunities. Commonwealth College delivers programs that help students develop the personal, academic, and professional skills and relationships needed for successful transition into diverse and global workplaces.

Career Decision
Career Decision Making

A counselor in the career services office at Commonwealth College can help you choose a career, whether you are undecided about what you want to do or are leaning toward a particular occupation. They will use self-assessment tools to examine your values, personality, interests, and abilities and then, use the results to suggest career options.

Campus Recruiting
On Campus Recruiting

At Commonwealth College, Career services office maintains job listings. They also post part-time job openings for current students. We also alert students to internship opportunities and host an annual job fair during which employers visit the campus to recruit students who are about to graduate.

Job Interview Preparation
Job Interview Preparation

At Commonwealth College, the Career Services office conducts workshops to help you learn how to explore the hidden job market, customize a professional resume, request and obtain a job interview, present yourself on a job interview and follow up after the interview.

Resume Writing
Resume Writing / Cover Letter Writing

At Commonwealth College we help students write their resumes and cover letters by conducting workshops and providing one-on-one sessions during which we critique resumes and cover letters.

Career and Employment Services at Commonwealth College

Choosing the right career and the right college to trust with your education are important decisions to make on your journey to success. Get to know Commonwealth College and how we can help you achieve your educational and career goals.