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Programs for International Students

Culinary Arts

Sharpen your culinary skills and become a professional cook. Learn the art and delivery of an exceptional culinary experience. Gain knowledge and skills in classic cooking fundamentals as well as current industry trends, taught by passionate chef-instructors.


The Hospitality program enables students to master the essential operational skills needed in the hospitality industry. The Hospitality program covers every imaginable type of property. From bed and breakfasts to five-star resorts, from hotel chains to roadside motels, from luxurious villas to one-room cabins, from stately cruise ships to houseboats and yachts, hospitality properties abound.

Vocational Preparatory Program

Commonwealth College’s English Language Department (ELD) is committed to providing a fulfilling language learning experience. Whether a student needs short-term, long-term, professional, general, or academic language education, our ELD offers a wide range of student-centered English language programs.


The course is recognized and aligned with expectations of Apprenticeship Manitoba and is intended to provide students opportunity to develop the technical skills through classroom and salon-like experiences. This Program provides hands-on training to become an expert in the Beauty Industry.

Nail Technician

Learn how to channel your creative prowess in nail art design, filing and becoming a nail technician. This Program provides exposure to many aspects of the industry including sterilization and sanitation, manicures, pedicures, artificial nails, acrylic nails, gel nails, wraps (fiberglass), nail art, manicures, pedicures and the use of the electric file.

Skin Care Technician

The program includes skin’s biology and physiology as well as the internal and external factors that cause skin cells to degenerate. This knowledge is essential to the development of in-office treatment plans and at-home skin care regimens designed to protect, repair, and rejuvenate skin tissue.

* Students attending a Private Vocational College are NOT eligible for a Post-Graduate Work Permit.

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