What can you do after studying Office Administration?

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A course in office administration will equip you with extensive knowledge in office management and help you design a workflow in terms of routine day-to-day activities that form the backbone of a company. It helps if you are a fast learner, have an eye for detail and are self-motivated. Office administration is a profession that is not industry-specific and you have the advantage of having a range of work options.

Here are a few career options in office administration:

Office Manager

This is a job title that is specifically responsible for a diverse set of administrative tasks. This job requires you to organize office duties in a way that ensures the smooth running of the business. Your job would include looking after office equipment and supplies, banking responsibilities and managing invoices and payrolls in certain cases. A small part of your job would also include HR supportive tasks and all communications, internal and external.

 Personal Assistant

This role is more focused around providing support to a high-ranking executive rather than organizational work of an office. It involves scheduling meetings, managing phone calls and appointments, responding to emails, organizing documents, generating reports and ensuring the supplies are stocked at all times. This role exists across almost every industry in many organizations, be it an MNC or a government department or a doctor’s clinic – a personal assistant is always in demand! This role demands clear and effective communication skills apart from being highly organized.

Front Office Executive

A front office executive can easily be termed as the face and voice of an organization/office. This role involves being responsible for greeting clients – in person and over the phone, directing phone calls to relevant departments and handling appointments. This role demands exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal, and an overall professional demeanour. The upside of this job profile is that you get to meet and interact with a lot of different people from various walks of life and helps you grow your horizons constantly.

Legal Secretary

A legal secretary works under the supervision of a lawyer and needs to be accurately updated with the industry and terminology. Roles in these fields require specialized skills and knowledge.

Medical Secretary

Medical secretaries work in the medical office environment. The duties of the medical secretary include handling medical forms, collecting and organizing medical records for the medical staff, and setting up appointments. Medical secretaries need a comprehensive understanding of medical terminology. When it comes to pursuing a career in office administration, the options are many, and they allow you the opportunity to enter a variety of industries. These roles provide the administrative support that ensures the smooth running of a company. The individuals working in this field are highly organized, pay attention to detail and are good communicators. The field provides opportunities to work in diverse environments, and it allows you to work with a variety of people on a daily basis.

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