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Canada is a popular choice among students as more and more international students have opted for this land of opportunities to gain higher studies and improve their career graphs. According to the UN, Canada is ranked as one of the best places in the world to live in. There are factors like the Canadian educational system, life expectancy, national income and a great quality of life, low levels of crime, flawless healthcare system and an abundance of fresh water add up together to make Canada one of the best places to live in! We compiled a list of some more important points which make Canada as number one choice for international education:

Better Career Opportunities in Canada Post-College

Canada offers innumerable work opportunities to international students who have graduated from a Canadian University or College. International students can also work on campus simultaneously. Most international students prefer working and settling in Canada for better future prospects. After gaining work experience, one can apply for PR to become a Canadian citizen.

Internationally Recognized Degrees

Canadian degrees & diplomas are internationally recognized as being equivalent to those obtained from the United States or Commonwealth countries. Canada offers a wide range of quality educational institutions for both degrees and diplomas in technical and professional disciplines. On completion of their diploma or degree, students can choose to work anywhere across the world. Also, tuition fees in Canada are considered to be on the lower side as compared to in other English-speaking countries.

Financial Aid for Studies & Tuition Free Institutes

Canadian educational institutions offer scholarships to their international students. With lower tuition fees and easy access to financial aid, it becomes easier for a student to plan their college to job transition. A few colleges and universities also offer tuition-free programs that help in escaping the load of student debts! Real Skill Development All college campuses are well equipped with cutting-edge technology and laboratories providing a real-world feel to its students while also helping them build marketable skills like jargon writing, teamwork, critical thinking, presentation, communication skills etc. This enables one to acquire real skills and eventually land real jobs!

National Policy For Multiculturism

Canada has always welcomed immigrants with open arms and has a national policy for multiculturism. The country and its nationals are known to have respect and preserve people’s customs and traditions. Canadian educational institutions partner with international agencies and encourage students from abroad and strive to grow their international student population. Canada is a democratic country with laws that protect the rights of people.

One Country Many Languages

Be it Spanish, Dutch or English, students can always improve their language skills in Canada. This is also a unique feature of Canadian students – they are valued worldwide for ease of communication.

Healthcare Benefit

Medical insurance in Canada is inexpensive and the hospitals are equipped with some of the most advanced infrastructure accessible in the world. Canadian citizens and PR holders can apply for public health insurance which enables them to avoid most medical costs as the insurance is covered by general taxation itself.
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